A Martial Art School.... Not A Martial Art Business....


Check teacher John's credentials and testimonials. John has been teaching in and around the Stoneham area since 1987 and has many accolades.
He has ties with charities and his testimonials speak for his pride and caring of his students, family, friends and his community.

Professional School
KMA is a professional martial art school, not a professional martial art business. Our focus is on the student, not on how many we can fit in a class. John Keefe teaches the classes.

At most schools, the chief instructor doesn't teach the class. They have their students teach. Do you want a "substitute teacher" teaching you or your child? Although they are qualified, don't you want the most experienced teacher, teaching you? John Keefe teaches all classes.

John started his training 1980, and received his black belt at age 16. At 18 he ran a school both teaching and running the day to day business. John then opened up his own school at the age of 21!

He has trained in many styles and still attends seminars of well known martial artists, to gain as much knowledge of the martial arts as he can.

How John teaches the class
After 20 plus years of teaching classes, John has taught every age, learning ability, personality, etc. He gives personal time to all his students, whether they need extra attention while learning something new or need more material to keep them moving forward at a faster pace.

Most schools teach either an Americanized Self Defense or a "Traditional" martial art system. At KMA we teach a distinct combination of the two.

Our basics and forms are from Shotokan Karate which is widely practiced across the world and can be traced back to Japan, as well as our traditional Weapon Forms and our Chinese Kung Fu forms.

Our self defense system using Kenpo and Jujitsu, and also Boxing is taught with practical concepts from many martial arts that work in the real world. We also teach Tai Chi for a true balance of hard and soft styles or external and internal styles.

DYNAMIC FIST LAW - Is the system of martial arts that you learn that you get ranked in (White Belt to Black Belt). This includes having to learn and memorize forms (kata). It's a street defense system that also includes learning traditional martial arts.

We also teach a course:

KMA ON GUARD - It’s the same system except learning and memorizing forms are not required. You are not tested or ranked in this system. It is a system that focuses on street defense and fitness. 

TAI CHI - This course is designed for the student who wants to learn martial arts for health and fitness. It is a traditional martial art that focuses on internal strength, balance, and flexibility that can be done at any age and more specifically for older students that want to learn a low impact workout that can be done through their senior years.

Students don't just learn punching and kicking at KMA. John teaches them the Japanese language and cultures of Asia. He also teaches them about other martial arts so the student is aware of the different styles and systems and about their focus and history. This develops a complete martial artist.

Letters to Sensei Keefe

2 Week Introductory Program – $35